Marin Fencing Academy
MFA - Health and Wellnes MFA – Health and Wellnes
Fencing improves flexibility, reflexes, speed, and agility that provides all rounded form of mental and physical exercise essential for total health and wellness.
MFA - Mental Agility MFA – Mental Agility
Fondly referred to as “physical chess”, fencing is primarily a contest of mental agility that involves mind, body and spirit of the fencer.
Very nice people who seem to really care about each other and the fencers they serve. Your credentials are impressive. Your space is incredible!

MFA – The Modern Art of Fencing

  The Marin Fencing Academy offers group and individual lessons in beginner, intermediate, and advanced Foil, Epee, and Sabre for recreational and competition fencing. We train people of all ages and all abilities. Our coaches have fenced, trained, coached, and been certified at the highest levels of international and national levels. We turn no person away due to financial hardships.

Your first class is always FREE. This includes a 20-30 minute private one on one lessons and a full fencing class with students of all ages and skills. Call for an appointment or just stop by, observe.

Browse through our extensive art gallery, supporting local artists in our community with the largest art gallery in San Rafael. The Modern Art of Fencing. Come by and try us out.


Fencing enhances sportsmanship, integrity that fuels the desire to excel in different fields of life.


Fencing teaches youth self discipline, respect , independence and the importance of honesty and fair play.


Fencing is a lifetime sport welcoming people of all ages. You can fence when you’re young, or you’re young at heart.