Maestra Dorina Vaccaroni

Dorina Vaccaroni

5 World Cups, winner of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic medals. Dorina first competed in the Olympics at the age of 16. Dorina is internationally recognized as one of the greatest female fencers in Olympic history. After her successful fencing career, she took up long distance cycling (Ultra Cycling) and now competes internationally as one of the top seeded female ultra cyclists in the world. Maestra Vaccaroni teaches at MFA Monday-Friday.

Watch our mini documentary on her cycling and fencing career.

Prevot Mark Ongsitco

Mark received extensive training from American Fencing Master William O’Brien and 2 time World Championship Team USA Member and NCAA Champion Gerard Esponda. Throughout the years, he also had the privilege of working with and learning from numerous Maestros of different backgrounds. Mark is an All-City Champion and was a Junior Olympian Qualifier for all 3 weapons. He has also qualified and competed in several National Championships since he started fencing in 1993. In 2003, he took over as the Head Coach at Galileo H.S. in San Francisco and led the team to a championship title before joining Marin Fencing Academy the following year. Mark trains and coaches MFA students competing in local, regional, and national events. He’s had a good amount of student medalist in local and regional events, a 1st place finish in a North American Cup national event and in the Summer Nationals. Mark is a Professional Member of USA Fencing, a Prévôt d’Fleuret / Moniteur D’Armes and is certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association, as well as internationally by the Académie d’Armes Internationale.