Class Schedules

Note: If you have the desire and drive, no membership need be out of your reach based on personal financial limitations. Please contact Tom ( for adjusted fees and trade possibilities

Age groups are as follows

    • Under 8 years of age
    • Y10 – fencers 10 years of age and younger (8-10)
    • Junior – Ages 11-17
  • Adults – Ages over 18 (younger competitive fencers are welcome)

Bronze  Membership

This is our basic membership offering that can be augmented with additional private lessons as needed. Initial members are HIGHLY recommended to have some private lessons.

  • $165/month
  • Unlimited classes
  • Equipment purchase required after 2 weeks ($200-$400 depending on brand)
  • Additional lessons are highly recommended.

Silver Membership

This membership is geared towards fencers who either plan on competing in USFA sanctioned events or who just want to be better fencers, with additional classes and lessons.

  • $255/month
  • Unlimited group classes
  • Access to 2 “competitive only” classes by invitation only.
  • Equipment purchase after 2 weeks ($200-$400 depending on brand)
  • 4 private lessons per month. Additional private lessons available
  • Lesson priority over Basic Membership.

Gold Membership

  • $325/month
  • For students who wish to gain the most out of the sport with additional  private lessons
  • Personalized training programs managed by our coaching staff
  • Equipment purchase after 2 weeks ($200-$400 depending on brand)
  • 8 private lessons per month. Additional private lessons available
  • Lesson priority over all other tiers

Private lesson packages

Regardless of your membership tier, additional private lessons can be added onto your account.

Monthly discounted lesson packages to add to your membership

1 lesson per month: $35

2 lessons per month: $66.50

3 lessons per month: $96.50

4 lessons per month: $126.00

Membership Options

Class schedules

Monday-Thursday 4pm-6pm – Y10 and Junior foil and epee

Monday & Wednesday 5pm-7pm – Competitive foil

Tuesday & Thursday 7pm-9pm – All ages Epee

Saturday 9:30-10:30 Special under 8 year old foil

Saturday 10:30-noon Y10 foil

Saturday noon-2pm Junior foil

Saturday 2pm-4pm All ages epee

Scheduling lessons

Lessons must be scheduled through management and coaches. We try to keep fencer’s lessons at the same time each week/month. We’ll do our best to re-schedule missed lessons but please give 24 hours notice if you cannot make your lesson time.


Beside conditional and training, nothing is better than having a good strip coach at your side and teammates traveling together and supporting each other during events. MFA will be posting, online and at the club, schedules of all regional and national events. MFA will help coordinate having fencers travel together, and provide coaching options to support you at these events. If there is more than 1 MFA fencers at an event, you really should travel as a team.

Fees for coaches are dependent on distance traveled, number of students to support at each event (or solely focused on yourself), and any miscellaneous charges that may apply for longer distance tournaments.

Basic guide to coaching charges at events

Strip coaching at events costs vary from coach to coach.  Please contact club management for all requests. A base level is as follows. All payments should be made to MFA. Coaches will get paid 100% of all charges. Cost is per day. Payment may be cash or a charge to your account.

Local event within 30 miles.

1 student: $100                   2 students: $175                              3 students: $225

Local event outside 30 miles with no hotel required

1 student: $125                 2 students: $200                               3 students: $250

Remote events (national and international)

1 student: $125                 2 students: $200                               3 students: $250

Fencers pay for all travel, hotel, and meals

Armory and equipment charges

Students are expected to learn some basic elements of learning how to test your equipment, and fix minor issues. More advanced armory training will be given every 6 months, at specially scheduled armory training sessions, at minimal cost. MFA will make its best effort to fix members equipment when there is a failure. Look to our armory prices that will be posted at the club.

MFA branded clothing is available for ordering. Please ask a coach or management.